An extraordinary sterling silver Hosta Leaf Bowl

An extraordinary sterling silver Hosta Leaf Bowl
London 2017 by Miriam Hanid

A naturalistically shaped hosta leaf bowl with wavy rim, clear midrib and fan-shaped venation.
An exceptional and impressive bowl of a good gauge from one of the nowadays leading english designers of british silver. Several exhibits by Miriam Hanid form part of public and private collections as examples of an outstanding modern silver craftmanship already today. For example the Victoria & Albert Museum, London commissioned her with the Union Centrepiece which forms permanently part of the collection. Her work is recognised with numerous awards and participations in exhibitions and she furthermore can refer to commissioned works for the royal house.
Central characteristics of her works are always an exceptional design paired with a virtuoso technical realisation producing objects for the daily use with a sculptural nature.

12.4 cm / 4.8″ length, 7.2 cm / 2.8″ tall; 94.8 g / 33.4 oz

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