A large sterling silver Paul Revere bowl

A large sterling silver footed bowl
North America circa 1940 by WEB

The bell shaped bowl standing on a central foot and terminated by a rounded upper rim. A large footed bowl of elegant shape whose large dimensions allow a use as a wine cooler or a fruit bowl.
The bowl after the design of one of the most important north american silversmiths. Paul Revere (1734–1818) was a well-known american silversmith and gained great fame as a combatant and envoy during the war of indipendence. The design of this bowl was created in 1768, the original is kept today in the Museum of Fine Art, Boston. Due to the particular modernism of this bowl it was also copied in the 20th century in unmodified shape.

13.1 cm / 5.15″ tall, 26 cm / 10.23″ diameter; 614.4 g / 21.67 oz

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