A modern sterling silver Embossed Tri-Corner Box

A modern sterling silver Embossed Tri-Corner Box
Birmingham 2014 by Esther Lord

Triangular folded body with embossed surface and subtly domed detachable lid.
An exceptional box of sculptural effect and special feel.

Esther’s work is constructed entirely by hand using traditional techniques. She is inspired by the spatial interaction between objects and structures in the natural landscape, and also by architecture and abstract art. A combination of hand finishing techniques and acid-etching create intricately patterned and pleasingly tactile surfaces. These contrast with crisp hand scored and raised folds and soft curves which enhance the play of light and shadow over the surface of the silver and highlight its luminous beauty.
Specially commissioned pieces are owned by The Goldsmiths Company’s Modern Collection, and the Museum of Modern Art & Design, Munich, where she gained recognition after winning the Bavarian State Prize and Talente Award. Esther has also received awards from the Goldsmiths Company, the Arts Council, and The British Jewellers Association.

5.3 cm / 2.08″ length, 4.7 cm / 1.85″ width, 4.0 cm / 1.57″ height; 93.6 g / 3.30 oz