A modern Britannia silver and 22 K gold Oyster Salt

A modern Britannia silver and 22 K gold Oyster salt
Birmingham 2013 by Theresa Nguyen

Oyster shaped salt with matching spoon (the latter made in sterling silver).The inner side of the salt as well as the bowl of the spoon gilded with 22K gold.
An outstanding salt bowl in splendid technical realization. The design of this very representative salt bowl is an adaption of the historic salt bowls of the 17th and 18th century, translated into a modern language – for the fine dining with style.

Theresa Nguyen gets her inspiration for the most part of her works out of nature and got international fame for her outstanding designs accross the borders. She participated in several exhibitions in Britain, as for example at the National Museum of Wales, and abroad. Theresa trained as a silversmith at the Birmingham Jewellery School where she gained a first class degree. In her first year as a student Theresa won the National Young Designer Silversmith Award 2005. Theresa has developed into an artist who is internationally known for her ability to fashion precious metals into works of exquisite beauty, craftsmanship and design.

9.1 cm / 3.58″ length, 7.9 cm / 3.11″ width; 40.5 g / 1.42 oz
Spoon: 7.8 cm / 3.07″ length; 11.6 g / 0.40 oz