An Art Déco sterling silver teapot

An Art Déco sterling silver teapot
Birmingham 1921 by H.J. Cooper & Co Ltd.

The slightly curved and tapering body standing on a flat, oval base. The plane lid joined by a flush hinge with the body and crowned by the knob. The handle as well as the knob made of dark boxwood (strong probability). The teapot features a spout in the more desirable tapering “straight” formed design.
The teapot is in exceptional fine condition and shows no solder repairs or damages and benefits from the fact of the absence of any personal engraving. The flush hinge is an additional sign of the fine quality of the item.

21.8 cm / 8.58″ length, 11.2 cm / 4.40″ width (to the base), 13.3 cm / 5.23″ height (including knob);
452.4 g / 15.95 oz; circa 0.7 litre capacity