An important Art Nouveau 800 grade silver lidded sugar box

Item number: 58105

An important Art Nouveau 800 grade silver lidded sugar box,
Heilbronn circa 1900 designed by Carl Stock for Bruckmann & Söhne

Box shaped with angular feet and sides. The front and the back showing the face of a young woman with flowing hair flanked by flower. The sides depicting dragonflies on flowers on a matted ground. The lid terminated by emerging handles in the shape of  two tendrils. Gilded to the inner side.
Of museum quality and very rare!

The present lidded box has been made in the year 1898 for the first time and was shown at the world exhibition in Pairs 1900. The design masterly combines french and german tendencies. This lidded sugar box has been made in small quantities only and caused a great deal of interest already during the world exhibition due to its outstanding design. The item was one of the very few pieces which has been shown in a special edition of the important contemporary german art magazine “Deutsche Kunst und Dekoration” (= “German Art and Decoration”) being issued on the occasion of the world Exhibition in Paris.
The sugar box can also be found in: Städtische Museen Heilbronn (Ed.): Silber aus Heilbronn für die Welt (P. Bruckmann & Söhne 1805- 1973), p. 131.
The german sculptor, designer and medallist Carl Stock was of special importance for Bruckmann & Söhne as he created several designs which established the good reputation of this silversmithy also internationally.

14 cm / 5.51″ length, 10.6 cm / 4.17″ width, 7.4 cm / 2.91″ tall to the rim, 10.1 cm / 3.97″ tall to the handle; 361.8 g / 12.76 oz