About us



The interest of Christopher Kende in antiques first became visible at the age of nine as he was particularly interested in clocks and furniture. Already as pupil, it was a strong wish to become a restorer. Several internships in private as well as in museum restoration laboratories underlined his desire. After several years of restoring work however, it became obvious, that this was a very interesting, but quite a repetitive job.

Therefore, after having successfully finished secondary school, Christopher decided to startup his own company in the way of opening a shop called „Kunsthaus Kende“ in the historic center of the University town Tübingen. Being a classical antique store at the beginning with a wide range of furniture, paintings, clocks, porcelain and glass items, lamps and some silver items from the George III, Victorian and Edwardian era, the general focus later on changed to silverware only. At the same time he sucessfully completed postgraduate studies in history of art, Romance studies (Italian language) and East slavic philology (Russian language). Mainly due to the studies in history of art he was able to develop his perception of qualitiy and a detailed know how. 

A change of strategy was decided and Christopher participated at the antique fair at the Paulaner in Munich in 2014. The positive response encouraged him to step by step show his items solely at fairs of a high end level which are under the supervision of an expert jury. He consequently decided to discontinue his shop at Tübingen after 12 years in January 2016. 

Today, „Kunsthaus Kende“ offers antique silver items from three centuries with art fair participation amongst others in Cologne, Munich, Münster and Wiesbaden. Meanwhile, „Kunsthaus Kende“ has become a member oft the „Verband Deutscher Kunsthandel” (the german art trade association) as well as of the CINOA (Conféderation internationale des Objets en Oeuvre d´Art).