Our Services

Our Services

We attach particular importance to high quality in our silver objects offered for sale and do not regard the dealing in silver artworks as a high-volume business.
As a gallery for antique and modern silver, our activities are not limited to sales alone, but also extend to the following areas:


You would like to reduce your inventory, separate from inherited objects in silver or reorganise your collection? Is it your desire to know that your silver is in the hands of new owners who appreciate not only the monetary but also the cultural value of your objects and you do not intend to sell it at an auction house for excessive fees? Then we are at your disposal: We are always on the lookout for high-quality objects that have not been shown on the market yet.
Do you own silverware, silver cutlery, design objects or high quality silverware from the modern era, Art Déco, Art Nouveau or earlier periods that you intend to sell? As a gallery specialising in antique and modern silver, we are always interested in high quality works, whether individual pieces, services or complete estates. Of particular interest are objects by companies such as Puiforcat, Wiener Werkstätte, Georg Jensen, Tiffany, Bruckmann & Söhne or artists such as Josef Hoffmann, Dagobert Peche, Koloman Moser, Henry van de Velde, Bernhard Hoetger, Peter Behrens, Emil Lettré as well as female artists such as Emmy Roth, Paula Straus, Christa Ehrlich or modern silversmiths such as Wilfried Moll and Hendrik Forster – the list could of course be extended by a multitude of other names. You are welcome to send us a free sales enquiry, whereby an image of the item and a detailed image of the silver hallmarks will make it easier for us to evaluate it.
You have the option of selling objects in silver or entrusting us to sell them on a commission basis. It is self evident that we will treat all your enquiries with the appropriate discretion.

Appraisal of objects

Furthermore, we are also at your disposal when it comes to the valuation of silver works and will be happy to provide you with officially recognised expert opinions and appraisals on individual pieces, collections or estates for your insurance company, your trustee of the estate, notary or lawyer on a commission basis.


Not least in times of penalty interest and the progressive decline in the value of money of particular relevance, we are also able to assist you with advice on the acquisition of individual items or the building up of a collection for the conservation of assets.

Restorations and repairs

Unfortunately, repairs of inferior quality are not uncommon with old silverware and are usually not obvious to the non-professional. Part of our area of expertise is therefore the qualitative assessment of restoration and repair work. For repair of works in silver as well as the restoration of silver cutlery and flatware, we have appropriate specialists in their field ranging from silversmiths, restorers to engravers, enamellers and cutlers.

As an art historian, Christopher Kende combines academic knowledge with almost 20 years of expertise in the art market and can evaluate your objects with the appropriate expertise.Contact us for a non-committal discussion or if you need our help in the silver department.

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