A modern sterling silver beaker

A modern sterling silver beaker
London 2017 by Nan Nan Liu

The cylindrical body subtly engraved with bark shaped decoration and standing on fine asymmetrical arranged circles.

Having graduated from Birmingham, Nan Nan spent a year with Bishopsland Educational Trust, refining her technical skills, before embarking on her Masters degree at the Royal College of Art.
Nan Nan Liu won the Podolsky Prize in 2009 – Awarded by the Goldsmiths’ Company to the silversmiths judged to have the greatest potential. There is no doubt that her engraving skills are just extraordinary – whether she engraves spoons or works on a broader tableau – the end results are extraordinary. Her work is already in the Goldsmiths’ Compant Modern Collection, and has a strong following amongst collectors. Her multi-layer boxes, with engraved detailing, are exceptional, and her jewellery – using similar layering techniques is very distinctive.

Circa 5.2 cm / 2.04″ tall; circa 6.9 cm / 2.71″ diameter; 145.7 g / 5.13 oz