An exceptional sterling silver candelabra


An exceptional sterling silver candelabra
designed by Wilfried Moll executed by Robbe & Berking, Flensburg

Standing on four square legs, the six sconces in horizontal level and affiliated in five vertical and three semicircular bars.
An extraordinary and uncommon candelabra of very modern design.
The candelabra is still in regular production today, the actual retail price is 10.140,- EUR.

The protoype of this candelabra is shown in B.Grotkamp-Schepers, R. Joppien et al.: MOLL SILVER + GOLD, Stuttgart 2011. Page 155.

Wilfried Moll, master student of Andreas Moritz, received several international awards and appreciations for his both sophisticated and always favorable designs:

Justus Brinkmann-award, Hamburg
State award of Hamburg
Design-plus-award, Frankfurt am Main
Bavarian state award
“Cutlery of the year” of the Netherlands
Karl Gustav Hansen-award, Denmark

The works of Wilfried Moll form part of numerous museums of modern arts and crafts. Among them the Museum of Modern Art in New York which qualified his works as “exemplary [for modern silver handicraft]”. For further information please refer to the website “www.wilfriedmoll.de” or to the bilingual publication “MOLL SILVER + GOLD”, Stuttgart 2011 by B.Grotkamp-Schepers and R. Joppien.

59.5 cm / 23.42″ length (taken at the sconces); 23,4 cm / 9.21″ tall; 2566.1 g / 90.51 oz’