An Art Déco bowl, 835 grade silver by Kaeser & Uhlmann

Item number: 60155

An Art Déco 835 grade silver bowl,
Schwäbisch Gmünd circa 1930 by Kaeser & Uhlmann

The round bowl standing on a flat, cylindrical base with a folded rim and martelized surface. The disc-shaped handles are decorated with spherical moulds.
Very well preserved footed bowl without monogram or other engravings of modern-looking simplicity.
Hallmarked on the underside with the maker´s mark of Kaeser & Uhlmann, silver fineness for 835 silver and model no. 9109.

20.3 cm / 7.99″ diameter, 6.6 cm / 2.59″ tall; weight to follow

The Kaeser & Uhlmann silverware factory

Founded in Schwäbisch Gmünd as a factory for silverware and alpacca in 1920 by Julius Kaeser and Alfred Uhlmann, the silver factory Kaeser & Uhlmann only had a short life. As the only Jewish silverware manufacturer in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Alfred Uhlmann emigrated to Palestine in 1934. Julius Kaeser also left the country in 1935 after the silverware factory was incorporated into the Wilhelm Binder company.
Silverware from Kaeser & Uhlmann is often characterized by an extravagant design language with a certain artistic appeal. Due to the denomination and geographical proximity, it is obvious that artists such as Paula Straus were also active as designers for Kaeser & Uhlmann, although this cannot be clearly proven due to the lack of pattern books. Thus, the bowl presented here is also undeniably close to designs by Paula Straus as realized by Bruckmann & Söhne.