Georg Jensen „Pyramid“ 830 grade silver cheese knife 1930

Item number: 58322

A rare 830 grade silver cheese knife in “Pyramid” pattern
Copenhagen 1930 by Georg Jensen.

Rare “Pyramid” pattern cheese knife with silver blade, designed 1926 by Harald Nielsen, made by Georg Jensen Silversmithy in 1930.
The cheese knife is in very good condition and shows neither monograms nor other personal engravings.

The “Pyramid” cutlery was designed in 1926 by Georg Jensen´s brother in law Harad Nielsen and is still a modern classic among Art Déco silver cutleries. While the cutlery was first produced in 830 grade silver, it gained increasing international popularity as silverware for the haute volee in the beginning 1930ies and was therefore produced exclusively in sterling silver from around 1930. The demand of silverware in “Pyramid” is still unbroken today and the pattern is one of the most sought-after Georg Jensen silver cutleries.
In the first decades, the “Pyramid” silver cutlery had a large number of serving pieces as well as a wider selection of core cutlery, but production of different types was gradually discontinued after the Second World War. This includes this rare cheese knife with silver blade which was one of the first cutlery pieces which were discontinued. The “Pyramid” pattern cutlery is still produced by Georg Jensen today in sterling silver to a significantly reduced number in variety and also in stainless steel, although no longer in Denmark.

17.7 cm / 6.96″ length