A pair of contemporary sterling silver vases, Birmingham 2024

Item number: 60137

A pair of contemporary sterling silver vases,
Birmingham 2024 by Esther Lord

The matt brushed body tapers subtly towards the upper rim and is divided by rounded folds.
A very elegant and sculptural pair of two vases by one of the most extraordinary representatives of the modern British avant-garde.
Also available individually on request.

Large vase: 21.4 cm / 8.42″ height, 8.8 cm / 3.46″ width, 5.3 cm / 2.08″ depth; 392.7 g / 12.62 oz
Small vase: 16 cm / 6.29″ height, 8.3 cm / 3.26″ width, 5.0 cm / 1.96″ depth; 268.5 g / 8.63 oz

The artist silversmith and designer Esther Lord

Esther Lord’s works testify her pronounced feeling for the play of volume and balance as well as light and shadow and are each unique works of art in their own right.
Her creations combine the aspects of sculpture and utility object in one and let the silver appear partly as harmoniously flowing, partly as vector-like striving upwards. Her silver works are also special in haptic terms due to their “softness” in realisation. She is one of the few English artist silversmiths to have been awarded the Bavarian State Prize and numerous other prizes from the Goldsmiths Company, the Arts Council and the British Jewellers Association.
Her works can be found in the modern silver collection of the Goldsmiths Company as well as in the design museum Die Neue Sammlung – The Design Museum (Staatliches Museum für angewandte Kunst), Munich.

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