Sterling silver teapot, London 1880 by John Aldwinckle & James Slater

Item number: 58001

An outstanding sterling silver Aesthetic Style teapot,
London 1880 by John Aldwinckle and James Slater

The round body standing on a smooth base and showing an subtly engraved wooden fence with flowers and trees. The body tied up by a circular moulding. The even lid engraved with the branches of a cherry tree as well as of a bamboo bush, which extend to the rim and over the hinge. The cast knob is made as a butterfly on flowers. The handle made of ebony and fixed to the body by sockets of cast bamboo leaves, the spout engraved with the branch of a cherry tree and foliage.
This extraordinary Arts & Crafts solid sterling silver teapot is of a brilliant quality and a very good gauge of silver. It is in wonderful presentation condition, showing no damages, repairs or any rubbing to the body. The masterful engraving shows a clear influence by japanese art which was for a short time fashionable in the late Victorian era. The flat hinge – a further sign of real quality – has been sublty concealed by the engraving. The fine martelé visible to the inner side as well as the very fine engraving to the silver illustrate that the teapot has been made in pure handwork.

A sterling silver jug comparable in time and style by John Aldwinckle & James Slater is in the possession of the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

The John Aldwinckle & James Slater silversmithy

John Aldwinckle became as a silversmith partner of Henry Holland, James Slater and Thomas Slater and formed a company with them. The hallmarks of the silversmithy changed over the years: initially the hallmark was JA (John Aldwinckle) over JS (James Slater), after 1884 this was changed to JA over TS (Thomas Slater). From 1902 onwards the silver hallmark was changed again to H A & S for Holland, Aldwinckle and Slater. In 1922 the company was bought by Francis Higgins & Son Ltd, but retained the hallmarking for the silverware. Holland, Aldwinckle & Slater continued to exist until 1932.

23.4 cm / 9.21″ length, 13.3 cm / 5.23″ diameter, 12 cm / 4.72″ height (to the rim), 15.1 cm / 5.94″ height (to the knob); 735.5 g / 23.64 oz