Sterling silver teapot, London 1787 by William Plummer

Item number: 59040

A George III sterling silver teapot,
London 1787 by William Plummer

The oval body decorated with vertical ribs to all sides standing on a flat base, merging into the flat shoulder and the correspondingly worked lid to the top. The lid is crowned by an oval shaped baluster which, like the handle, is made of dark wood, probably pear or boxwood.
In its simplicity, a very modern-looking and highly unusual sterling silver teapot of the late 18th century. The austere, ornament-free overall appearance as well as the decoration reduced to geometric design elements with only limited engraving decoration illustrate the exemplary nature of classicist silverwork for the objects of a cubist-inspired Art Nouveau such as that of the Wiener Werkstätte and for Art Deco objects.
Provenance: this teapot was in the posession of Lewis Gilbert (1920 – 2018), the film director who produced three James Bond movies with Sean Connery and Roger Moore.

26.7 cm / 10.51″ length, 9.4 cm / 3.7″ width, 13 cm / 5.11″ tall (to the knob); 497.4 g / 15.99 oz
0.9 ltr. capacity