An extraordinary sterling silver ‘Ammonis’ vase

A modern sterling silver Ammonis vase
London 2016 by Olivia Lowe

The body triangular in cross section and spiral shaped.
An exceptional vase of modern and simple elegance.

Olivia specialises in designing and making sculptural silver vases. Her inspiration comes from the flowers themselves and through her work she creates innovative forms where the vase itself is as visually interesting as the flowers it holds, the two elements working together to create a single, unified composition.
‘Designing and working in metal enables me to express my awareness of objects in their environment and the interest I have towards the visual interpretation of objects by people. I enjoy the challenge of finding a new way for silver to fulfil a conventional purpose, by taking a fresh approach to the requirements of a domestic object.’
Olivia gained several awards as (amongst others): Selected designer for Zaha Hadid Selects, Goldsmiths’ Fair, (London), Crafts Council Development Award, Crafts Council, (London) and First Prize Winner, CONNECT Exhibition, Association of British Designer Silversmiths.

25.0 cm / 9.84″ tall

Any decoration shown does not form part of the offer.