A Georgian sterling silver teapot

Item number: 58131

A George III sterling silver teapot,
London 1795 by Charles Aldridge

The slightly curved body standing on oval base, the wall with horizontal moulding to the top and the bottom. The domed lid joined by a flush hinge with the body and crowned by the knob. The handle as well as the knob made of dark boxwood (strong probability). The teapot features a spout in the more desirable “straight” formed design.
The teapot is in exceptional fine condition and shows no solder repairs or damages. The handle has been restored at the top where the tip of the knob has hollowed out this part after more than 200 years. This can barely be seen (please refer to the second image) and is mentioned for accuracy only. Worthy to mention also that the hinge shows no repairs as well as the bottom or the spout.
This teapot can furthermore be regarded as an illustrative example of design for the later works of Art Déco. 

27.5 cm / 10.82″ length, 11 cm / 4.33″ width, 14.6 cm / 5.74″ tall (including knob);
520.1 g / 18.34 oz; circa 1.2 litre capacity