Art Déco fish cutlery 800 grade silver by Delheid Frères

Item number: 59081

An Art Déco fish cutlery 800 grade silver #43,
Brussels circa 1930 by Delheid Frères

The edges of the handles with rounded moulding on all sides, enclosing the smooth handles. Solid execution in excellent condition.

Length: forks: 16.8 cm / 6.61″, knives: 20.4 cm / 8.03“; 696 g / 22.37 oz

The Brussel-based silversmithy Delheid Frères

The beginnings of the silversmithy go back to the founding of the company by Michel Delheid around 1828. His sons Edmond-Joseph and Alphonse-Jules took over the silverware factory in 1862 and gradually expanded it into what was at times one of the largest silverware factories in Belgium. Around 1900, the factory had about 100 employees and mainly produced silverware and cutlery. From the 1930s onwards, silverware was produced under a separate product line, which enabled the company to survive economically during and after the Second World War. Between 1940 and the 1960s, mainly ecclesiastical silver was still produced on a large scale, otherwise the production of silverware became marginal in its importance. Delheid Frères merged in 1981 with the Wiskemann silver factory, which was also based in Brussels.
Belgian silver followed the taste of the customers by largely reproducing French models. The Delheid Frères silver factory has the merit of having distanced itself from French models and of having adopted its own stylistic positions. The resulting Art Deco work was exceptionally progressive and of great modernity as well as good gauge.