A rare Art Déco 835 grade silver lidded box

Erna Zarges-Dürr Art Déco Silber Deckeldose Emmy Roth Paula Straus

Item number: 58002

A rare Art Déco 835 grade silver lidded box
Stuttgart circa 1936 by Erna Zarges-Dürr

Chest-shaped body, with convex sides and lid. The surfaces covered with martelé. The cut card hinge soldered to the back, the lid with applied handle sheet to the front. Hallmarked with maker´s mark of Erna Zarges-Dürr (rubbed but discernible) and 835 grade silver fineness. Presumably not manufactured for the trade.
A very rare lidded box by one of the most important lady silversmiths of german Art Déco: Erna Zarges-Dürr (Heilbronn 1907 – Murnau 2002) is amongst Emmy Roth and Paula Straus the most prominent lady silversmith of the interwar era.
Only very few silver hollowware exists by Erna Zarges-Dürr being not only designed but also made by herself. The majority forms part of museum´s and private collections.

10.8 cm / 4.25″ length, 8.0 cm / 3.14″ width, 5.6 cm / 2.20″ tall (to the centre); 235.9 g / 7.58 oz

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