Art Nouveau silver claret jug by Bruckmann & Söhne Heilbronn circa 1900

Item number: 58370

An Art Nouveau 800 grade silver claret jug
Heilbronn circa 1900 by Bruckmann & Söhne

The circular glass body of colourless glass narrowing towards the neck. The silver mount is decorated with floral tendrils and blossoms.
Elegant and beautifully shaped carafe for liqueur or sweet wine in pure Art Nouveau style in pleasingly good and authentic condition without repairs or damage. The glass body showing no damage or chipping to the underside.

22.7 cm / 8.93″ tall

Carl Stock can be regarded as the designer, as the use of hollyhocks (due to their name in German “Stockrosen”) as a part of the decoration is typical for him. The Heilbronn silver factory Bruckmann & Söhne was one of the most important manufacturers of silverware in Germany, such as silver and silver-plated cutlery and decorative silverware. Bruckmann & Söhne engaged some of the best and most famous artists of the time to design their objects. The company participated in the great world exhibitions in Paris and Barcelona, among others, and thus gained international recognition. Bruckmann & Söhne produced excellent works, especially with regard to Art Nouveau and Art Déco objects, and this claret jug is one of them.