An Empire style 12 grade silver pastry server

Item number: 58332

An Empire style 12 grade silver pastry server,
probably Leipzig-Weißenfels or Pegau / Saxony circa 1820 by Emil Ludwig Schmidt (?)

Elongated ebony handle with turned bone end at the finial. The handle joined to the cranked shaft, which is connected to the top section by a scallope. The top adorned with subtly pierced decoration showing an eagle with outstretched wings in a laurel wreath, sitting on a victory torch and surrounded by oak leaves to both sides.
Attractively crafted pastry server in excellent presentation condition without repairs.

33.5 cm / 13.18″ length

The near conspicuous accumulation of victory symbols in the depiction as well as the origin of this pastry server, which can be localised to either Leipzig Weißenfeld or Leipzig Pegau, almost certainly refers to the victory during the decisive battle of the wars of liberation against Napoleon Bonaparte (1813), which went down in history as the “Völkerschlacht bei Leipzig” (i.e.”Battle of the Nations near Leipzig”). It is therefore conceivable that this work was a gift for a deserved member of the military.