Modern sterling silver „Growth“ vase, London 2020 by Hamish Dobbie

Item number: 58163

A modern sterling silver “Growth” vase,
London 2020 by Hamish Dobbie

The hexagonal body consisting of hexagonal, finely faceted plates, which join together towards the upper rim in an apparently unordered manner. Inside the cylindrical water vessel, which can be removed for cleaning.
Very unusual and heavily crafted, modern sterling silver vase which – depending on how the viewer looks at it – is in the process of explosive optical dissolution or builds itself up into a column through the segments that seem to fall down at random. The artist’s title “Growth” suggests the latter. The facet-like plates create highly interesting perspectives, which are also intensified by the interrelationship with the lighting and thus achieve surprising effects. This effect is further intensified when a candle is placed instead of the cylindrical water vessel.

The Scottish artist silversmith Hamish Dobbie

Hamish Dobbie designs and creates silver work in his Glasgow workshop as a talented silversmith of the younger generation that harmonises traditional silversmithing with digital design. His artistic inspiration comes from the barren, rugged landscape of Scotland and in particular the Scottish Highlands, whose rock formations and textures of the mountain surface find their way into his silver. His distinctly non-conformist silver works have won several awards and are represented in several public and private collections, including the Pearson Collection, UK’s most important privately run art collection dedicated to modern silver by British artists. In addition, the National Museum of Scotland also presents a modern vase in sterling silver by Hamish Dobbie as an example of outstanding Scottish silversmithing in its department of contemporary art and design (please see here).

Circa 23.8 cm / 9.37“ (to the highest point), circa 6.7 cm / 2.63“ diameter; 906.2 g / 31.96 oz